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Shuffling to Glory – Berlin’s Training Plan



This is Alan.

The following has been taken from weekly status updates on Facebook, following Alan’s road to marathon glory. 

Week 1

First week of the Berlin Marathon Training Plan complete and I think it therefore deserves a highly detailed analysis of all the sessions completed over the course of the last 7 days in a lengthy Gary McKivett style post! Here goes…

Monday = 12 miles steady run on the seafront to Saltdean in 28 degree heat with a steady pace of around 8 min/mi, but a 2 minute stop in some public toilets to put my sunburnt noggin under a tap to try and cool down. A tough session, especially with the glastonbury fatigue.

Tuesday = a 6 mile recovery / easy run again on the seafront but at an early start of 0615 to try and avoid the heat. Another sweatfest though, but legs feeling pretty ok. Pace = approx 7:45 min/mi.

Wednesday = another early start, but with a 2 mile steady warm up, then 3 miles fastish (6:30 min/mi). 5 miles total.

Thursday = rest day, but with a 12 mile cycle / pub crawl. Plus carb loading (Meantime lagers if you must know) for following day’s exertions.

Friday = Oooof, 5:45 start and train / cycle to Eton Dorney for the JLL triathlon activities. First up came my duathlon and a first 5k run section at a time of 17:16. Poor transition (2 minutes) before heading out on the bike and slogged round in about 43 mins for 21kms on the Silver Arrow. Finally a 9 min 2.5km run to finish and hosepipe shower.

Later that day, was the relay and attempting to bust out another quick 5k in 30 degree heat. Managed to do a 17:57 without passing out to bring the team home.

Saturday = couldn’t get out of bed in time for Park Run so was a 10 mile recovery run with the Mrs up to the Dyke. First half was easy pace, then gradually upped the pace on the way home to the tipping point where going any faster would seriously affect our marital relations so backed off a bit. Average pace of approx 8:15 min/mi.

Sunday = Feckin raining wasn’t it! Which actually made a nice change from the recent hot weather so went out and did a 15 miler to Telscombe Cliffs and back. Went out at steady 7:30 min/mi pace and after the turn gradually upped the pace so i finished in 6:30 min/mi pace. Legs felt strong, but slightly tight achilles so lots of stretching on the yoga mat.
Total = 55 miles for the week.

If you would like any more detail, just let me know yer!

Week 2

Phew, almost forgot to post an update of my week’s training miles that no one will read or care about. That would have been a disaster!
So here are the “highlights”:

Monday – Track. 2 x 1000m steady. 2 x 1000m at 10k race pace. 2 x500m steady. 2 x 500m at 10k race pace. + 3 miles warm up/down.

Tuesday – complete rest day.

Wednesday – 6 miles fast at the Brighton Phoenix 10k, with 1 mile warm up/down.

Thursday – Gym + 4 mile recovery run.

Friday – 12 miles easy.

Saturday – Hove Prom Park Run + 2 miles warm up/down.

Sunday – 18 miles steady/easy (which FYI was horrible in mid day heat).

Total for the week = 53 miles.
Right, now go read a more interesting post!…

Week 3

Well its that time of the week again folks and what better way to cheer you up on this miserable British summer’s day than a run down of my week’s marathon training!

Hold on to your hats, this edition is off the chain!

Monday: Track session with 9x600m tempo + 300/200/100 fast with 3 miles warm up/down

Tuesday: 4 mile recovery run

Wednesday: Light gym leg session + 18 miles LSR (2:20ish)

Thursday: Gym conditioning session

Friday: 10 miles steady

Saturday: Fast 5k at Hove Park (new course PB of 17:06) plus 2 miles warm up/down

Sunday: 13.1 Miles at Caterham Rotary Half Marathon & 10K Sponsor: North Downs Hospital Caterham in the peeing rain, but a decent time of 1:19 for the course. Was a bit wet to hang around for the results but finished somewhere between 6th-9th i think.

Total mileage for the week = 58 miles.
You can let go off your hats now.

Week 4

OMG, almost forgot the weekly marathon training update. That would have been a disaster, but not to fear, here it is in all it’s glory:

Monday – track session of 6 x 1kms with 800 tempo / 200 quick, then 700/300, 600/400, 500/500, 400/600, 300/700. With 2.5 mile warm up and 2 mile warm down.

Tuesday – 4 mile recovery run

Wednesday – 12 mile tempo @ 7min mile pace

Thursday – complete rest day

Friday – 11 mile steady

Saturday – 5k fast with new Hove Park Run PB of 16:54 smile emoticon plus 4 miles warm up/down then gym session focusing on the chicken legs.

Sunday – 19 mile LSR over the downs and river adur.
Total for the week = 61 miles.
Sleep well everyone!

Week 5

Football is back! But more importantly so is Al’s slightly tedious weekly marathon training update!

After a hard week of data analysis in the office (and because I am currently working in Excel and unable to make a function work for a deadline tomorrow) what better way to illustrate progress but in the form of a data charts illustrating the daily mileage breakdown for Week 6, and also a column chart showing the mileage covered in each of the week’s elapsed for the training plan to date.
I realise this will not help my geeky image but everyone loves charts right?! Guys? Hello?
Oh. Ok then.
Training Plan 1



Week 6

Bit of a short one this week i’m afraid guys. A combination of loads of work, moving house, mental cats and trips to Suffolk have meant a reduced training load this week. Not necessarily a bad thing as trying to do heavy weeks followed by one lighter week, but would have liked to popped in a cheeky parkrun or something.

Hey ho, anywho. Here is the summary, no frills:

Monday – enforced rest day due to being chained to my desk

Tuesday – 6 miles fast (@ Adur Challenge) – approx time of 34:50, and a bloomin lovely evening with the Arena crew. + 3 miles warm up

Wednesday – enforced rest day due to more sucking of the corporate you know what.

Thursday – missed the Sussex 10k champs due to late office leave (can you sense a theme emerging), so did 10k relatively speedy on my tod.

Friday – 10 miles steady.

Saturday – nothing, but lots of heavy lifting.

Sunday – 20.5 miles steadyish pace up on the downs and a cracking morning it was too i don’t mind telling ya.

Miles for the week = 45.5
That is all.

Week 7

It’s a day late but, better late than never. Week 8 of the road to Berlin completed, with just 2 hard training weeks and 3 tapering weeks to go. Starting to get the odd niggle so looking forward to ramping things down a bit soon.

In the meantime though, here are week 8’s highlights:

Monday – 1km tempo + 3x300m fast with 2 mins break after the set. Followed by same again but with 4x400m, then same but with 3/4/500m. Plus 4 miles warm up/down. 9 miles ish total.

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 13 miles steady pace with the Bondinator.

Thursday – 10 miles steady

Friday – 8 miles ridiculously slowly with no energy at all. Supposed to be doing 12 but couldn’t face it. Worst session of the plan so far.

Saturday – Maidstone Park Run quickly + 3 miles warm up / down.

Sunday – a stop starty very wet 20 miles (supposed to be 22 but my nipples were red raw!) including the Hove Hornets Stinger up on the downs.

Total for the week = 66 miles

Week 8

Seeing it’s a Bank Holiday (and definitely not because i forgot yesterday, ahem), I thought i’d publish a bumper 8 day Berlin marathon training plan summary this week! That’s right, 8 days! What lucky people you are.

Quite an eventful one this week and not long to go till the taper as it is now just 27 days to go. Squeeky bum time. So…

Monday – track session in pairs (i forget the technical name for this session, is it Parlet Bob Page?) running alternate laps kinda like a relay. For this particular one, it was 4x500m, rest, 5x400m, rest, 6x300m (i think). Had to drop out with shoe problems, but did 9m for the session plus warm up/down total.

Tuesday – rest day and final house move chores.

Wednesday – 13 miles tempo on seafront

Thursday – 3.1 miles fast at Regents Park for the JLL Property 5k, and an annoying 16:54 equal PB.

Friday – 13 miles tempo up to the Dyke and back

Saturday – 3.1 miles fast at Hove Park Run plus 7 miles steady. 10 miles total. Another annoying equal PB of 16:54 again

Sunday – 6 mile fast at a cross country race in Capstone Country Park, plus 1 mile warm down. Nice route but bit confusing. Poor quality jaffa cakes at the end, but nice prizes.

Monday – 23 miles LSR. Legs feeling ok. Nipples not.
Reasonably easy week this week now in the lead up to Maidenhead half on Sunday, so i’m off to eat some chicken and buy some jesus type sandals from las tiendas.

Peace out.

Week 9

OK facebookers, it’s Sunday night and that means another thrilling installment of Al’s weekly marathon training run down! Oh yes, fun times indeed.

So this week was kinda all about getting over the 23 miler on Monday and readying the legs for a PB attempt on Sunday at the Maidenhead HM.

First things first was to ensure the nipples had healed up and were ready for more abuse. A visit to Boots (other chemists are available) yielded some nice nipple sized (mine are more iced gem size rather than biscuit nipple size) waterproof plasters.

Monday – LSR of 23 miles (for those regular readers you will notice that his run featured in last weeks bumper edition and is therefore being double counted, apologies for this it is certainly not best practice stats!)

Tuesday – 10 miles steady

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – 9.5 miles steady

Friday – 8 miles of mile intervals, with fast ones at 5:50 min mile pace and alternate ones at 6:30 pace.

Saturday – steady hove park run at 20 mins for the 5k plus 2 mile warm down.

Sunday – Last longish warm up race before Berlin at Maidenhead Half Marathon with some fellow Areenz and lots of PBs (well done again Gary, Dan and Scott). Bit annoyed to not quite dip under 1:15 but can’t be annoyed at knocking 2 mins off of my PB

Total mileage for the week = 68.5 (or 45.5 if you don’t double count Monday’s)
Time for tapering!

Week 10

Well here it is! The perfect supplement to your Sunday evening alongside Songs of Praise, Antiques Roadshow and Country File, and only slightly more dull. It’s Al’s weekly marathon training summary!

So after last week’s Half Marathon in Maidenhead and slightly stiff legs, Monday called for a slightly easier session so I just jogged around Hove Rec a few times with Joe Ashley and Dan Vaughan. All very civilised chat and pace. Lovely stuff.

Tuesday – standard rest day / few pints after work.

Wednesday – last long run of the plan! 21 miles up and over Elm Grove and down on to seafront to Saltdean, then all the way back to Shoreham Harbour and all the way back again. Decentish pace, but not quick, but legs felt reasonably ok.

Thursday – 10 miles steady.

Friday – MISSED SESSION!!! SHIB! Only the 3rd missed session of the training plan so far and largely due to there being not enough hours in the day. In hindsight i would now gladly have forfeited seeing the tractor boys get shafted by the hoops to go on a nice leisurely jog. Would also mean i didn’t go out and drown my sorrows in the pub leading to….

Saturday – a shocking time at Highbury fields parkrun blowing out of my ass. So much so i had to have an afternoon nap. Can’t handle my booze anymore (not that i ever could).

Sunday – much better! A decent night’s sleep and good running weather meant a nice and quick 10k in Hellingly through some undulating country lanes in to 3rd place, followed by quality cake and receipt of a £10 voucher for some sports shop in Eastbourne. Nae bad!

So, that’s week 11 of the 13 week plan done. But i know what you’re thinking! “What’s that done to the chart Alan?”. Well let’s see shall we…


Week 11

7 days till Berlin so it’s time for the penultimate weekly training summary! Things are winding down a bit on the taper so it’s not as action packed (ahem) as what you’ve become accustomed too I’m afraid.

The goal was basically to do a little bit of speed work early on in the week and a few longish runs:
A) without sustaining any injuries; and
B) get a few shorter marathon paced sessions in.
With that in mind…

Monday – last interval session at Hove Rec, with a mixture of approx 200m fast and 100m jogs for about 6k, plus 6 miles easy.

Tuesday – standard rest day

Wednesday – 11 miles steady

Thursday – light gym sesh with the ol kettle bells

Friday – 14 miles steady and cos it was Friday night popped in a couple of short fast bits randomly to shake things up a bit. Crazy times man.

Saturday – hove park run and pacing Cat Silvester to a new PB of 20:17, knocking off a massive 15 secs from her previous PB but still not satisfying her hunger for a sub 20 min park run. Next time babes x

Sunday – 6ish miles at the Hove Prom 10k at slightly quicker than planned marathon pace, and probably annoying Emily Proto a bit too much on the way round!

Total mileage for the week = 45 miles
Injuries for the week = a slight clicky ache behind the right knee which is fine when running but not when cycling. Guess I just won’t cycle then!

Peace out




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