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5 Surefire Ways to Impress in an Interview


5 Surefire Ways to Impress in an Interview

  1. Do your research

Knowing the history of the company is an absolute must. Find out where they stand amongst their competitors. Not only will you probably be asked what you know about them, but doing research will give you confidence

  1. Dress to impress

Under no circumstances wear jeans to an interview. It may sound ridiculous but I have interviewed a lot of people who have turned up in jeans. It doesn’t make a good impression, no matter whether you are applying to be a shop assistant, traffic warden, manager or chef. If you can, wear a suit. It’ll definitely give you more ticks in the right boxes.

  1. Make sure you ask questions

If you are passionate about the role you are interviewing for, then there must be lots of questions you have for those that you’d be working for. Prepare some beforehand so that you’re not caught off guard, but also be confident enough to ask any that may come up during the interview.

  1. Don’t lie

A lot of people stretch the truth on their CV, and I’m not saying you should never do this. However, I think you need to be really careful when claiming you can do certain tasks or have gained certain qualifications. Chances are you may be challenged over your claims during the interview, and if you are trying to blag knowledge on a subject you are likely to be caught out.

  1. Be yourself

Your interviewer will not only be trying to assess your skills and knowledge during the interview, but also trying to discover whether you’d be a good fit for the team. In order to ooze confidence don’t try and be someone you’re not. Let them see the real you.


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