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Entrepreneurs Are Just Like Explorers



A look into the common characteristics of two daring subsets of humanity

While one can easily argue that entrepreneurs and explorers reside in two different paradigms, it is also easy to realise that these paradigms parallel each other in more ways than one.

Imagine the explorer getting ready for the long and treacherous journey ahead of them. Packing all the necessities, building the internal mental fortitude it takes to achieve success in their coming endeavours and setting on their way. The explorer knows that the journey will not be easy, but it, along with the final destination will be very rewarding once achieved.

This applies to the entrepreneur in many ways as well. At some point, after growing increasingly fatigued with the never ending, barely rewarding grind of the nine to five; the entrepreneur finally makes the decision to break free from the monotony and reward him/herself with a new endeavour worth investing in. With full expectations of hardship ahead, he/she prepares for the upcoming travels through the world of business and independent income creation, learning the ropes and gaining skills with every step into uncharted territories.

Both explorers and entrepreneurs take on their respective tasks which are rooted from a place of passion and determination. When explorers set out to climb a tall mountain, they know that there will be a chance of failure, but continue to move forward without a break in resolve. While uncertainty is the name of the game, the passion towards and feeling of fulfilment given by reaching the top is well worth it to this type of individual.

Often times, the uncertainty can be a huge part of the adrenaline pumping thrill. While the explorer deals with a physical mountain to climb. The Entrepreneur has to deal with a figurative mountain of hurdles to overcome. It isn’t uncommon for a newcomer to the game of entrepreneurship to question whether they are going to make it to the top, where to even start, or what is the correct next step to take. Knowing that with a single misstep, their platform could collapse and cause a large fall into total failure or minimally, a large setback.

Even with the aforementioned obstacles in mind, these two kinds of people continue to fight on and move forward, learning new tricks, picking up valuable information and becoming more confident in their abilities to navigate their path with every small step forward while constantly visualizing their end goals. The closer they come, the hungrier and more driven they become.

So even though their end result differs greatly, they really are one and the same. Both are setting out on a mission where the only certain thing is uncertainty, but the reward is one of great personal achievement, success and recognition beyond what they can fathom. The climb to the top offered them the time of their lives, followed by the content of finally reaching the top of their respective summits.

That is of course until they get that next itch and set out for their next journey once again…


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