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Books – Just a Little Run Around the World


Just a Little Run Around the World – Rosie Swale Pope

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This is simultaneously a heart warming and heart breaking story.

After losing her husband to cancer, Rosie sets off for a little run around the world. On the face of it, Rosie is just an ordinary person, but she is so much more than that.

Rosie spends five years running around the world, all under her own steam. Travelling through some very hospitable and dangerous places whilst pulling all of her personal belongings behind her.

This book is not just for those into running, but also for anyone that has ever wondered what it must be like to pack everything up and travel into the unknown for a very serious adventure!


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  1. Agreed. Read it myself also (actually on your recommendation) and it’s a real page turner. What most struck me about it was the people she meets’ generosity and giving to her challenge. Alan rating of 9/10.

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